Thursday, September 3, 2015

LIFE - you left me ? --------(150802)-------

LIFE - you left me ?

LIFE, I love you, I know
you love me too

You were hot when I got you
Now, I stay cold coward without you

My dear I strived to make you good
I cared you with opinions of all

You in me was interwoven
Shown your existence in me

I took no strange move
I flew like a river - grew like a tree

Made no noise on you
No complaints on you

I kept you safe unfelt
Now why you left me cold?

I stay all lost in dark emptiness
I see the fake smile covered in grief
When people spoke on me and you
I know they don’t know how we were
The bondage and how we separated
They blamed me not caring you
They spoke of your style spoiling me
They are ignorant on our bondage
All around saw us different
As I was with you I missed seeing
Same you as one inside me too
I wish I know the truth on you fully
Now I lock you in my heart
I wish I had you inseparable


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