Thursday, September 17, 2015

I wish I write No Poems

I wish I write No Poems

Gandhari asked for sadness
To meet Lord Krishna in grief
Likewise may be I need lifeless
Dark cloudy mood for poems

Life is a mask that hides me
Consumes me; eats away
My life is an unending fear
Swallowing my spare time
Hide self in mood at times
Tears, I know; will rain out

Journey of restless struggles
stays the manas active smart
Alone when no activity around
Manas swirls-swells with poems
Manas is the darkest deepest
Place to hide and get lost into
psychological blows brings out
To creep up nice poems of grief

Subconscious manas draw hell
Past karma - lost effort blames

I wish and write LIFE is enjoying

I wish wonder days ahead
To take my mask off

Impossible task is to show light
On these poems; I shall wait long

I see someone who promises 
Saying your poem is good

Calling some one bright 
It is not to say self is stupid

When you call the other cute
It doesn’t mean that you are ugly

Some ones is in depression
Doesn’t make you in bliss

I shall wait; wonder a near day, 
I may be able to get out of mask

I love Rainbow poems; though 
I write only poems with dark cloud
Only when it is moody and dark
No shine sparks poems in me

I shall fill my day celebrating
cheerful around; no more poem


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