Thursday, September 3, 2015

Cherishable Moments in Oldage ------------------(150818)-----------------

Cherishable Moments in Old-age


If we could cherish those incidents
Grab the moments from past days
Keep them live in the life ahead
not to cry over with reasoning
Practical and theoretical are not life
It is moments of feelings and love
Hard to hold on it for long though
Could cherish over it over again
Events of moments stay live always
Shaded memories too brush alive
Always not in finger tips or lips
But the feelings behind the love
Can't think or talk on matters of life
But can cherish and smile within
Moments that happened brings life
Realizes glimpse of them to cherish
Steal life from boring living days
That keeps selfish memories alive
Cherish of moments against worries
That is the credit in days of old-age



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