Thursday, September 3, 2015

Lost you forever ((((--150820--))))

Lost you forever

Life has to move

All the usual ways
Pain fly over head
Unexplainable thoughts
Beside me he was alive
But today remains dead
Well dead - how to console
In my heart and thoughts
I pretended as if no feelings
Not much to give and take
Days that were disturbing
Sheltered together at Jnaanam
Desire and dreams built around
Sure known can't take life along
Returning to the parking
Fly to the nest with pair
Felt lost but had a hope
A day again back in den
Beside me you lived always
When you said 'I am with you'
Now when you remain dead
No remain; and feeling lost
I feel lost being alone with all around
Over my peg of whiskey and rest after
Had no feeling of meeting you that day
Now lost you forever; want you ever



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