Thursday, September 3, 2015

Ĺive In Fully Etternal ---------150806----------

Live In Fully Eternal

Harsh winter
Strange Spring
Wetting Summer
All the ways worst
sky shows sign of death,
I waited for one season to go
As the next one reached I prayed same
Made not my mood up
Either the frost or the dew
No flower remind me in smile
No silence nor songs made my day
Mother taught me
Keep the mood still
When the season changes
Say yourself "it all doesn’t matter"
My guru taught me
It is all in your manas (mood)
Violence to silence is samadhi
Eight steps in ashtanga yoga
It is all the way you train self
Love or hate
Too late or early
Wake up a new day
To say does this matter
Don’t get into the details
Look from far and feel cool
Unpredictable is the span of life
All that arises and dims thus is fake
Change your life with mood
Mood that brightens the moment
Bliss is wiser and smooth
LIFE is Live In Fully Eternal



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