Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Directionless crumbled --------《150623》--------

A firm traditionalist but love newness
My footfalls have eastern philosophy
Read in silence with dawn purity - brahma
Seeing the dew spreads - earth's tears

Penned my thoughts; many untold
Should write my story before I get old
Is that the 'Passion After Pension?'
I lost my Destination or the Path

My direction is good in no destination
I take the path that I feel as right inside
Exalted me in dignity and honor sublime
High performance kept me in worry

I felt life is too short when I got thrilled
In no sessions and alone I felt life as
Hours are spasm in anxiety of strain
I get worried that this life is fragile

I wish to wander ahead directionless
Left alone my thoughts of modernity
Chased my tradition to hold me tight
With target and assessment of past

Unfolding passion found no destination
I am bitter due to my relentless mission
Life taught me to toil but not to take toll
I failed unspeakably hosting my needs

On this dusk when I read alone in tears
I find no crystal - dew sparkled sun light
I see the cloud racing the moon
Hesitantly crumble directionless

Ending in modern west with newness
Always wakeup with ray of hope in east
Passion never ends to keep me fresh
Directionless conflicting my ethos


Fearless School Boy ------《150620》-------

Grew up to be nothing in life
Drifted on a path less traveled
Had no days in school stressful
School bell decided where I am
Else it made no difference in me
Had fun chat and lived life in full

Father’s life slipped beside me
Sister too took my father's path
In three of us; me was left to live
Lived in dirt and rain jived all along

Found myself in many strains
Was strong and brutal at times
Given up much to see others happy
Made choices not all that good
Kept days go along nothing great
Achievements to cherish along

Watched my mother in pain and strain
Struggling though rich and fame
I lost my school days doing nothing
Passed a life fearless around strain

High school is important in life
I got shifted at the best school
Supposed to be the best of time
But felt it like a prison; I revolted
Without being caught did mistakes
Got horrible experiences in all
Daily routine was just a fuss
Eye half open before sun broke out
Running for bus and long journey
Now when I think; had torture joy

Cute little girl otherwise; Bulged eyes
Must be something odd or off road
Mind must be cloudy and path drifted
Life is living in full enjoyment I taught
Says; it is all when everything is fine
For me both ends don't meet now

Reflected heart of fight and wisdom
Conflicting mind and heart always
Not scared of anything around
All fall through left me unsaid
I never heard someone saying
'Wish I could be in a fearless world with u'


Paper boat float - Me Not To --------《150619》--------

Little me with paper boat to float
Wished for a good rain flush for
Enough water down the path
Looked at the sky I waited long

It got dark and I was forced to sleep
Seen the drains over flowed in dream
Morning seen the wet drained yard
I wished to wait to launch another day

Tonight will not bury my wish
Wished for the moon dim light
Missed no alternate options
Re-lived troubles of storm calm

I floated my paper boat on a day
Torrential rain slashed watered ditch
My un-blinked eyes followed my boats
Down the stream lost in sight far off

Swelled vortex stream took my boat
Disappear in sunk and up to show live
I hopefully looked for sunk boat
Curse me or blame it on rain for flop

I be that little boy enjoyed being dirty
Splitting and stopping water to stop
Others boats in race to see my boat
Win the race, I enjoyed being naughty.

Life moved fast ahead today in drain
Like stormed rain took the lost boat
In dream saw me in folded paper boat
Afloat chased in stream down fast

Me the paper boat lost balance
Falling apart the folds and shape
Stupid rainfall sinking me in
Stupid me unable to save

I wish
someone love making paper boats
I wish
someone giving me an umbrella
I wish
someone stand beside pick me
I wish
someone stop rain, protect drenched


Path of Peace - Spiritual move of Love ---------------- 150617 --------------

Across the mountains heavy rain
Jnaanam is in calmness alone
Breeze moved leaves in tandem
When trees meditated strong

I am caught in the moments
Of many heart breaks of troubles
Do see lot in and around calling
Hours together talking their grieves

Healing touch, words or look
Giving feel of welcome to all
Spreading my wings to many
Unspoken - unheard - strong tree

Tears filled eyes in teachers
Children uncertain on future
A wipe to give mother's touch
At times a scold and hit too

At times a bund to stop and fill
To create an overflowing joy
Path of peace has violent start
Tranquility attained like in sufi

Left myself in the rain to wet
As in my childhood I found
A cool mind and a calm heart
Like rain drops on nose tips

Bold and strong words like
Darkened cloud showering
Peace and silence around
As the rain stopped at dawn

Aloof and alone at Jnaanam
Thoughtfully made a shadow
Like a tree on path of peace
I stood on the Spiritual move


SUCCESS IS A FEEL - ANYONE CAN MAKE IT ----☆---------《《150616》》---------☆----

Fear of failure haunted me always
My potential was absolute and firm
Truly competitive to succeed and win
But I believe less in success always
This is me, now when I grew-up high
As a child I was cute and cool unfilled

Younger days were like “success is mine”,
No depression, fear, pain and deceive
Tell your desire at the divine temple
Grace is within you and believe in self

I found, though I succeed, I feel not
Now I learned, success is just the feel

When young as I failed I never felt
All said me a black spot, I never felt
Now when I succeed I never felt
All around claps for me though
My happiness lessened as I grew
Growth taught being unsuccessful

For being in success I learned a lesson
Aspire high turn all stones around you
Set short term goals and light your fire
Keep passion in, blame none around

Not when you hit the goal is Success 
Treating each life-pearl as mile-stone is joy
Time is to mark sparks around work
Give no ear outside, Feel the Success


Thursday, June 11, 2015

Desire ......(150611)......

Desire, is to fed well, be cool and soft
Desire, of baby on ground is a step
Desire, in student is to strive
Desire, in youth is to flourish
Desire, in adult is an image

Desire to dream
Companion, art, literature, fame, wealth, honour, delight, career, connection, family, growth, travel

Spirit of desire
Flow in feelings
True love flame in heart
Solely turns age into desires
Make room for desire to change
Social status, protecting ego

Desire in middle age
Is an image
Un-aging intellect
Untiring physic
Controlled emotion
Spiritual growth

Desire to see name remains over ages
Takes stock and reminding’s
Many I educated
Helped and brought high
Wish all who took the fruit
Leaves a seed to grow

Desire growing for a peaceful death
Desire, in old age is to live long
Desire, on sick bed is to walk a step
Desire, on death bed, be cool and soft

Destine in dust-bin ---------(150530)---------

I don’t know when first I met you
You ever wanted to learn from me
Quest took me close to you
You chat or speak it sparks me
There's none better than you,
Now I miss those questions to me

Your native pride with definite steps
Shows your fivefold development
Nothing left for me to do for you,
At times I feel that what I wanted
You to learn from couldn’t get through
We shared dreams and forwarded
Each other the dreams of leadership-
Passion and how mean is money

It is all joke that till what I thought
I thought on every meeting a reminder
Taking you on the rail of dream
It is destiny that leads the path
Fate or chance ends beautiful
I missed those moments of quest
And talks of me you recorded
suddenly your world changed

I wish a chance or fate on second try
But you make it as lost on destiny
I had less of choice as I am tied
So I accept the destiny to write
I still dream, pray for the day ahead
That throw the destine in dust-bin
A new bright light of swift across 
Decision and power against destiny

Nature Plateau -------(150531)------

As I drove down to Jnaanam
Silent sigh on the curvy roads
Stillness of the river flow after 
Mountains reaching the plateau

None around to share the thrill; 
Sun in between the shadow moved
Fast as I drove swinging on the curve
Wind picked-up the speed flow

Nature made its lost sound caved
Steep down as moved in valley shown
Wind flow music started in open
High mountain mist on top to hit soon

Heart in mist cleared in thoughts 
As mountain mist in sun bright
Danced the heart in silent song
Dancing spin creeps on road

Around the heap of forest in cool
Dense is the forest in mountain tops
Welcome the feel of nature cool
More is never a privilege in thoughts

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sleep and Reflect LIFE ....// 150521 //.....

I prefer to sleep and dream - but
Had my many nights in solitary room
Even in the best city hotel or Jnaanam
This lazy boy from childhood to now
Isolated even in the crowd at times
May be loneliness that in my heart

It is strange that a master like me
Motivates and being in crowd

In celebrated functions in full halls
Mobbed and touched by heart
Around after each talk after talk
reflected itself when I am alone

Haunted lonely feeling reflected in me
Whom to share to trusted to have
Waited all alone for a company
After the mass of crowd left me alone
Some thoughts and calls recompense
Like Mahatma had his 'Gita the Mother'

I drove long way on dozy nights alone
Sleepy roads from or to the home
Reflected the sleepy mood in me
Passages glanced and kept me live
Drowsed at times and had de-roads
Life reflected me not to sleep on roads

In the safe room in deep sleep too
I woke up late reminding my youth
Those nights too, I was hungry hard
Had my mom taking me to kitchen
Served rice soup with salt and soar
Tasted best in my un-brushed mouth

Earthly touched bed in village home
Old reflected thoughts stayed in me
Air conditioned blanket in best hotel
Had the same weight on my feet
Face uncovered I stayed not asleep
Reflecting life and meaning of life

Sleepless nights of solitude in home
Watching the credits of crystals too
Record of trophies in display shelf
Camp records and pics on laptop
Reflected me the reminds of the day
In old and decline of fame and crowd

Laugh for world to laugh with you
Weep, and always you weep alone
Valley Songs reflected on hills around
Shy and cry bounded down in caves
Cherish to show the smiles around
All around you measure your smiles

Halls of fame demand sleepless time
I reflect the poetic time in Delhi alone
I slept for two days blessed in solitude
That better than sleep is too in action
Creative life is reflecting in deep sleep
My lonely time in meditation is cool

Passion after Pension ----------(150522)----------

Regarded respect with no crossing
Sustained salary and decent level
Real bliss imparted position, I left
Wealth I missed, against a pension
Sustained by my massive travel
Reached the unreached corners
Covered the variety of topic lectures
Overstrained and called it passion

I own many nothing to own about
I taught inside and outside of all
Time passed fast and students grew
I was wrong, told whom I taught

I wish I restore my wealth of earning
Could create hearts dwells in learning
All in vain, only little I could supply
Foolish man dug in wrong grounds
Little depth in many places around
Foolish me, found no water evident
Vast I got the pride I loved growing
This passion gave no fruit counters
Realized deep dug only gives water
It was passion that counted fruitless

Aging too, had counts on action
Not that well passion sustain
Gracefully I surrender to needs

While here on earth have deeds
Growing older started showing
Body reminded that I need rest
Teeth is strong but feel it is loose
Owing to my time and effort soon
Feel this passion game is enough
What next for one failed and lost
Tried education super market too
Virtual university was in making

I stay today without trips to doctors
Drawing pension enough to live
But the truth is that it is not enough
I say to me that I graced in teaching
My approach is my style and ways
Take it along the way another chance

My HERMITAGE in serene village
Hibiscus and Tulsi dwells around
Though alone most of the time
I cherish uncomfortable comforts
Anyone worked with me may say
Would better government crowned

Remote from remote sensing space
Old walls half paved smoky stone
Roof of wooden thick panels atop
Against the cosy rooms in white
I stayed welcoming those who have
Passion to learn from this old prof.
I remained with virtual super market
Regarded respect with no crossing

Education Leads Life ---------(150524)--------

Enlightening life
Swift away riffle
Education the light
Key to bright future

A glue that joins
Friends of dreams alike
Education the divine
Path to blissful success

A smooth drive
To our greatness
Education gives

Difference in thinking

Drive out ignorance
Leads to prosperity
Giving sound future
Education is life

Life as a process
Teach and Learn
Help us to earn
Education is shaping

Character is motto
Behaviour is styling
Leading to success
Education is the road

Discover true self
Explore the truth
Potential quest

Education creates

Educated one with
Strong words
Equals lakh of army
Liberates fear

To be a torch bearer
Gets along freedom
Inspired to high aspire
Education is open door

Brooks of books
Practical knowledge
Toes in fights and foes
Education is freedom

Country to Nation
Individual to Citizen
Think line is belonging
Education paves way

Education is a ladder
Takes us high to higher
Profession as passion
Education Is delighting

If I was not Like this !! ****150521*****

Alone I thought
So long I travelled
Never knew where to
Do I know where to lead
Am I like this due to my karma
Is there like a dream that leads ?
I too wish to follow the quotes
Create dream aspire to fly high

I am not dreamy
I would be on thoughts
If I was not here what I would be
I couldn't what I dreamed as I am lazy
Truth that all said around me
Spirit of Love blown on me
Streams that I flew in like
Scared me always

I don’t dream of magical world
I love to see me on ground
Old boy from village
With short wings

Created my hall of fame
A few visits me at times
Enough is the vastness
Soft and pure that let be
Any drop of inks or irks
Echoes beyond bounds
I am scared of dreams

As I may not be me then

MY JOURNEY TRIGGERED YOU -----[150512]-----

Back to my haven home
Driving along valley, cut through mountain shores
Butting through my memories
Through a calm culture stands the village Naduvil

My students after Jnaanam@Naduvil visit say -
There is a beauty that is present in every nuke and corner,
There is this pleasantness in the air there,
The love is rekindled everywhere there,
Super the serenity of the place, warmth of the home

"The thoughts will automatically flow -
Think of your childhood days spent there,

Think of how it became your aim to renovate,
Think of the days which you spent with your friends and students there"
Anusha demands a poem on Jnaanam

All love Jnaanam
Village stands with us;
Smith to the priest knows
Mighty one lived there.

No large and sinewy hands;
No muscles on brawny arms

Word of wisdom moves across
I see the whole world in the face,
I can hear the bellows blow;
Tough and strict me on wards
They see the flaming forge,
Learning sparks in shaping life

It makes his heart rejoice
It sounds to him like

His father's unheard voice,
Singing from Paradise!
Think of the serving mom
Tearful eyes out toiling-sorrowing

Little attempt,
Something done,
Wanted to earn a repose
My worthy students gives no rest

I taught in flaming forge of life
Create fortunes; strive wrought;
My sounding lessons bounced back
My burning thoughts knocking
The dead silence away from home
Champed the Jnaanam@Naduvil

Landing back with grey hair
Standing perplexed and still
I had my phantom nights
In the lone house I slept
Listening to the soundless
Glow-worm-fly across dark stairs

Lonely strange and still dark
Answered cropping echoing
Smote your dream - never stop
Made my gloomy cloud away

Now Jnaanam made its sprouting
Fled into life of joy and learning
Creative innovative image building
Master's choice - chosen dreams!

To build an image in life they come
Cutting mountain shores from far off
Across lands to the village - Naduvil
Students to haven home - Jnaanam

Monday, June 8, 2015

Swayamatma nibandanam sukam ☆☆☆----《150608》----☆☆☆

None can never live up to anyone's anytime expectations
none does anything for anyone; it is all for self to the core

Trying to living up to expectations of many around you
Is like getting the whole ocean water into your hands

Whatever you did is just not enough for you to get credit
one does is not for credit and you are into it and couldn’t stop

You live to please your self; does it as you can’t help otherwise
Keep saying it for other is cheating the self and pity you self

When you feel that you are not good enough for someone
It is your feel from within that you left your best performance

You have chosen me not by accident or plan to blame or bless
Your option was only that in that time and space and had to

None is dull, smart, less, more, down, or up and always have flaws
Don't ever expect that always one has to be stable as you is not

Dream is life ahead for all; but don’t draw the other in your dream
Make your dream for your self attain of accomplishments

If I am a good chance and choice for you; we keep meeting
Every day and every event; once there is a match of interest

Don't ever say I want you there as I expect you there - don’t create
that is our place; be there and we meet - purpose happens - don’t create

I shall plan my acts and intimate you like anyone else; vice versa
Sure if schedule and interest matches you will be there; conversely

If you just come for making your time and not for the event
You feel down as you didn’t get my time and lost in event

Appreciating self-interest is what makes happy and success
Don’t ever plan for survival with someone ahead in progress

Swayamatma nibandanam sukam


Rain measure of feel ☆☆《150607》☆☆

Flowing water on the path i walked
Had the rolling stones that fled
Rain was that scene in my childhood
At night it is the sound on tiled roof

Across the window panel gaps
lightning shown rain light showers
Poured in heavy and dampened air
Gutters and roads flew as rivers

The rhyme was never heard
I studied in local mother tongue
No song in malayalam on rain
touched a feel as 'rain rain go away'
If i could had a welcome rain song
splashed sprinkles on the varandha
Used by me to write MY NAME with
Dreams built around as engineer

Heavy rain was to splash and work
When the mud is cut and thrown
loved in the garden with bath in rain
Freedom to the power of infinity

Shower is seen by the farmer as
Shower of blessjngs for the sprout
Had the extreme that created puthra
River the brahma in north east always

down the wet streets in the oil spill
Created the rainbow during the light
Learned my refraction class in physics
In the sky too on all the rainy days
From the country side to this closed
Lonly room with my spotted hiding
the dry grass when the summer rain
Created dew drops as an extra hung

Lifting my dazy head i wish a drop
Almost dipping from nostrils in rain
Wanted to have a shower in rain
Getting back to my younger days

Want to walk; not with oiled rainbow
on the rolling stones of seemless flow
First rain gives the muddy dust smell 
smoked soil after the summer puff

under the trees it makes the sound
Not the sky; i hear the tree rains down
Small bushes and paddy in field seen
bend their tops and pray in respect
The count on rain in 'cm' said science
Farmer measures on mud and bend
My life too need a measure like feel
Not the product as an index of rain


Sunday, June 7, 2015

Fearlessly Surrender --(150602)—

I need to be brave with a thought
To fade my sadness song less ride
Shake me out to be brave alone now
sitting in this corner, dawn to dark
I made my lost world call it madness
Tears cataract to black the colour

Blanked out future plans and dreams
Hopes are out to live till death,
Who spoke on 'Succeed not Survive'
Need brave welcome to end it forever

All around I fell alone on long journey
Deserted as I moved far, roads ended
Failed life need brave heart to raise
Unable to fight flames of blames

No wonder those with me
A day could end saying 'bye'
Not so grave but a small
Mis-take of spelling or dealing
Past they forget, so what ?
Where is saneness in me?

Have no more hope to live
Twisted life is enough and more
Courage is the feel to show brave
No straight roads are seen
Let the bright sun appear
With a news of delight to all

A brave man inspired many
Shamelessly ended life
Enlightened soul sought darkness
Gloomy end of a bright man
Helpless he left after assumed
Meaningless Help for many

Feel lives only when one adds
Value of life to many, or else
Not alive and active in words
Unsaid message to at least one
When all left after a single hearing
Retained hope on one remained

A day even that last drop too
Unspoken retire into their world
Created the vacuum un-filling
Blissfully I have to retire ever
Signals are seen from corners
Fearlessly surrendering is brave

Rhythm of life ----(150603)----

Old wall clock in the inner corridor
Had the swinging pendulum to strike
Bells that gave the reminder of time
I look at it and got the Rhythm of Life

Deep within, no gain on days passed
Each day from dawn to dark was
Rhythmic as un-noticed pass of time
School and home; back and forth

No change in days of college moved
Naduvil village to city of Payyanur
Longer is the rhythm now as weeks
Monday to college and Friday back

I wept not on the system had months
In university at Kochi to home solitude
I am off on swing of Arabian queen
So rhythmic, faster than the clock

Creative on the foot of Garden city
I saw the fast moving cabs and carts
Rhythmic handsome song of love
Power of sound and words swinging
Between my Maths got Philosophy
Master and Doctorate left no days

Ultimate was the space that took
My space and time, as a job to earn
The satellite had its rhythm in miles
Had the fish in stomach that cried
For the steps in ladder in promotion
I took off, it can't last than twenty

Now I live just by nature defined
Feeling myself as my enemy of time
Clock is silent at home with no rhythm
I weep for none, not even for me

Lost is the Rhythm of Life in bustle
When I felt that life is lost in bustle
I returned retired into the silent village
Of long seasonal Rhythm - My Life

I am Brighter - Enlightened? ☆☆--------(150607)---------☆☆

Standing on the ground

Looking to the sun
I say I am bright
I know it is just a reflection
That I see brightness

I need you closer within
To find me, in bright
Stay away, may be u can see me
I can't see you, neither touch you
I want to feel you
I am sure I can't reach you

Your presence is a miracle
You can change me
Raise me to be active
I am ready to be me

As you wake up
You wake me up too
I know you are the one
Unprejudiced manager
Manager of time and act
Without you I am blind
Most reasonable love
Make me seasoned

Emotions throbbed like a child
Confession stays immature
What am I to do; to keep me going
Stability I have to learn from you

At time I guess I am in shadow
Lost your brightness due to season
I need you to be in me always
Let me not lose you in dark

I want to touch you; keep you
Live your life as mine in bright
Just this life; let me be with you
Live Inquiry Filled Enlightenment

"An idle mind is the devil's workshop" No "A creative mind is Devi's workshop" ☆☆--------(150606)-------☆☆

"An idle mind is the devil's workshop"

I was sick
Physically all right 
As I have nothing to do
I was moody

My dis-ease is in my thoughts
No creative work
Not productive
None to share and care
Rest is a punishment 
For one who love to work

"A moody mind is the devil's workshop"

I want reason to work
I want reason to discuss
I want output in discussion
I want output in work

Is this thoughts a feeling of
Self-protective or critic
Do I have the real mood to work
Am I lazy and pretending active?

"A lazy mind is the devil's workshop"

Negative thinking is within
Someone talks and I see only
That comes close to me
Not you; it is me negative

If I want; what comes i could
Just take the best and smile
Why say no mood and spoil
Add oil to the fire of thoughts
Why not cool and feel good
No doesn't as i am no good

"Bad thoughts makes the devil's workshop"

Bad mind gets bad thoughts
Feeling upset is the way forward
Being alone and moody is fine
Out to the world; why to show

Who says idle and alone
It is all the way one thinks
Can fill the thoughts with
World history and GK
Tossed words in English

"Being alone makes the devil's workshop"

Practical creative mind do not shut
It is reasonable and productive
Starts looking in results of action
What gained and balance sheet

Most precious gift in life is the
Feed of words from all around
They say you are my precious gift
But they left all that I fed in waste
gone unfed a few as they tasted 
Felt it all just a feel and don’t worth

"Creative mind is the devil's workshop"

In the output and credit 
I was wandering on thoughts
Dreams are out and dreads in
All alone what to work and worth

Mind was building thoughts 
Never had a stoppage to idle
Active with moody feelings
Can never have idle mind

"An idle mind is NOT devil's workshop"
An idle mind can't be a workshop
No mind is idle; not even a fool's
Devil's workshop is from creative mind

A fool’s holiday creates
Feelings for self and all
Thoughts full of negatives
Mood makes dull and idle

Idle day of creative mind too 
Can't make a devil's workshop
Creative mind can never be idle
Stupid and foolish is devilish

Mind can feel moody and down
Saraswati will make poems in it
Create idle day and be creative
Create creative mood and be idle

"A creative mind is Devi's workshop"