Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Directionless crumbled --------《150623》--------

A firm traditionalist but love newness
My footfalls have eastern philosophy
Read in silence with dawn purity - brahma
Seeing the dew spreads - earth's tears

Penned my thoughts; many untold
Should write my story before I get old
Is that the 'Passion After Pension?'
I lost my Destination or the Path

My direction is good in no destination
I take the path that I feel as right inside
Exalted me in dignity and honor sublime
High performance kept me in worry

I felt life is too short when I got thrilled
In no sessions and alone I felt life as
Hours are spasm in anxiety of strain
I get worried that this life is fragile

I wish to wander ahead directionless
Left alone my thoughts of modernity
Chased my tradition to hold me tight
With target and assessment of past

Unfolding passion found no destination
I am bitter due to my relentless mission
Life taught me to toil but not to take toll
I failed unspeakably hosting my needs

On this dusk when I read alone in tears
I find no crystal - dew sparkled sun light
I see the cloud racing the moon
Hesitantly crumble directionless

Ending in modern west with newness
Always wakeup with ray of hope in east
Passion never ends to keep me fresh
Directionless conflicting my ethos



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