Thursday, September 17, 2015

Need Giver - Not Taker :: Always Beside

Need Giver - Not Taker :: Always Beside
I locked my dreams and actions
In my doomed thoughts and laziness
I have everyone to feel I have none
I want all to feel I am with them
I wanted me to shut in my own self
Inside my mind and heart locked in
At times I love to leave me like this
As i know I am enjoying being myself
Practical world demanded life
Reality blocked normal casual life
Solitude was to say life is okay
Against reservations I acted smart
Breathless was life when I said
'I am enjoying'; I was lying blend
I wish someone to hold my hands
Realizing that life is not so good
Though lazy; my thoughts are dazy
Burning my thoughts; always crazy
I am out; only on the feel; I am behind
Left far behind in life unsafe-unheard
Protected love costing themselves
Neither the lover nor you is happy
You will be left behind alone unloved
Love is not costlier than lovers ever
We need givers beside us always
We see only takers around mostly
Dont walk away from life; I need you
Race me and damage me if u need


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