Tuesday, July 11, 2017

My silent Inner Self

Whenever and Whatever I reveal
Immediately the inner me says 
I shouldn't have, as is not wise
My enjoyment died and I am silent

I pushed me to be smart
Created precious moments 
Busy I wiped it as always 
I am scared of many around

In poetry or in painting
One love to fly with freedom
Life is not as simple as 
Physics that defines limits

Rules can't decide 
The inner silent self
That speaks volumes 
On little nuance of life 

Inner self silence is the
Unpainted gaps in my painting
Little gaps and space in the poems
That is the beauty of my life

You or me - conscious self 
Can't decipher thoughts 

My brush danced in color palette 
In mixed feelings and painted 
But left gaps that are best untold
Mixed words inside the lines
writing poetry to express all in me
Left gaps at unseparated feelings 

Listening to your inner self
See the creativity fly around
You be the mastery innovator
Start your journey onn

Shallow thoughts have
A deep inner feel
Give a chill to Inner self
Silent self will speak out



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