Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Live Technologically to be Live

Life is good when one keeps up-to-date
Technology is so near to door step
Pop-ups and whats-apps
Like and chat beyond Linked-in

I took birth in BC - before computer
And migrated to digital
You young ones of AD - After Digital
I am a bit and Byte slow

All get wedded to wifi today
Booster and web
Earlier web and net was
Disturbing and traps

Booting gave a way to start
Wake up after a sleep
Never could know sleep is this
Hibernation could be this simple

Technology came to fasten
My process to save my time
Now Wasting time on time pass
Time saver ate away my time

Got many far so closer and
Got my near ones so far away
Contacts increased to many
Many contacts went far off
Gave good publicity
Lost the privacy too

Earlier bulky television
Operated nearby slim rich
Now slim TV’s with poor or rich
The remote in hand of obese
Real technology contribution

Windows were to see out
It gave good wind too
Neighbours friends across window
Came close and doors were open
Multiple windows now show world
None opens the door to any

Revoked and refrigerated heated
Microwave and fresh old foods
Against first fresh cook of mom
MOM controlled kids and now
Mobile Operational Management
DAD is Database Application Developer
Kids are thus on video games

Tilting hip and neck is jammed
With lap-top and smart-phone
All scratched head on questions
For answer now scratch in palm

Spiritual people prayed RAM
And performed better in bliss
Today more RAM system gives
Guaranteed performance to bliss

Home was where the heart ends
And we love to be there in the end
Thus home is end for all
In computer home is what takes
One opposite to end - at start

Antibiotics was for diseased
But antivirus protects system
So much if extra care life is in
Live is being active and respond
But many live and life is not shown
Technology makes you no escape
All will see you and force to be live
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