Sunday, July 5, 2015

Relationship-Millipede-Meditation ---(150701)---

Free mind as if in Himalayan meditation
I was in JNAANAM all alone winded in
UN yoga came into casual thoughts
India taught world how to be pliable
Asanas leg-twisted strained over neck
Stannous was for all on media show
It was just being a spiral of knowledge
Unheard and untrained on meditation

They stood in millions of sexy legs
Like a millipede all in a leg-move but knowing not; how to spiral self within
Un-winded we all move in relationships
Over one million weeks goes in life
Creative is the making of lives on earth
No formation of people in queue Alone could make the yoga practice fame

Life is to unwind to move and protect
Relationship is to gives us company
Needed million legs to march ahead
Need none around if decided to be self
Being self is the protected self-winding
Millipede is scary always and winds
We have relations that keep us strong
Scary self-winding is never demanded



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