Friday, April 29, 2016

No excuse in life

No excuse in life

No excuse
You can do it
As we have examples -
of people who did it
make it to count on success
Rest not on your excuse
Try it many times
Don’t ever give up
It is not hard work
It is to be smarter
Think of
Michael Faraday
Nelson Mandela
Abraham Lincoln
Ellen Sirleaf Johnson
Florence Nightingale
Newton and Shakespeare
No excuse for youk
Why not and how not
No trials - you can
Do it - Dont try
Take my heart
differs us from one to other
Each of us come from
Same factory - mother
A soul of joy
mar with glory
Good enough
makes our lives more tough
Nothing called destiny
Nor fate to blame

Great men are all ordinary men
they do many fail out of all
Hardships and storms do hit us
Give but never give up
Work - toil the day and night
Glory will glare on you
walk an extra mile
Your legs will support you
Keep faith be truthful
greatness is your pat.
No excuse 


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