Friday, April 29, 2016

Women NOT to be understood

Women NOT to be understood
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Women is to be loved
Never to be understood
Never try to understand
First understand this !!
Woman who believes
Self recognized worth
shoulder to shoulder
palm in palm
word for word
Equal seat with men
I read my back,
the undone days
Waiting at her home
In charge my soul
Holding my boy
strong in hand
Learned Kung Fu
Strong feminine
Bold woman of now
Cyber virus sexy songs
down the gap in breasts
Dangling the black goggle
Grimming lips hiding fear
disorganized vanity
Pepper spray in tact
woman today in you
Glaze on mirror
Care adorable beauty
weded to God
No share half for man
Walking in smile childly
Work took gazing queenly
Business on Sensex serious
passion unseemly youth
Logically truthful flow
Learning fully bright
humble the humble
proud made as noble
daughters as prouder
Men around stronger
girls little as princely
competence as flag
On the otherside
I see the mom hanging
Craddle on tree branch
One on lap and the
Other playing around
Food beside on fire-oven
Life is to be managed
Bowing before vassals
sweeps the doorways;
All with a aim that
My child be best as
priest or queen ahead
Diorama daughter,
proud and noble
crimson carpet walk
breathing perfumed air
kingly look on princely eye
I the poor poet, for me
she walked high above,
appeared abase to me
lovely angel murmur
Silky clad in wings!
too tender, or and
too cruel
Never to be Understood
Not try to understand



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