Friday, April 29, 2016

Life Travel

Life Travel 
---- 151222 ---

I traveled wild and wideThat Gave me a travel lifeMy journey turned as travelThat made my life livelyWinter to summer the lifeWet in swet in rainy daysLife the same pace on roadThe travel changed thrillGift of furtune marked lifeCreative i remained alwaysI dont want and wanted anyAlwys flowing oni its slopeYes at times like the woodFallen across - stuck the flowI shall wait to fill and over-flowShall try all sides or up-downI seek time to fill it fullEnjoy the whitness in pearlMilky flow that enchants I learned that fall is thrillingI swept the ways that i wentCleaned and served all aroundQuenched the thirst of manyTook many named as i flewMy travel is without identityNever aspire nor trsted pathCreated lively life travel slopeSoft and swift - path took it

          -----  &&  -----


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