Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Waiting 160501


Alone i waited Folding hands
No care for the hot sun out
In was chilled my cool self
usual crowded around gate

In haste, no delay i came
Longing the right first sight

Unblinked eyes all to gate
It swing open and closed

Black - long - fat - slim - all came
Waited in eager the pace amid

Who shall know my face and see
All I see one by on out
This side a group waiting
I shall see her, but locate me

sleep, sleepless
awake, smart and
Day by night passed
Waiting - seeking mom

What  if I stand alone?
Stay beside the son
She will quickly glare
The smart boy

I wait with joy coming pair of eyes
A heart behind it that waved
garner-up its fruit as tears
Happy occassion of end of wait


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