Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Love to Live - East or West 160625

Love to Live - East or West

Go to west to love east
Is it that u have to miss to love
Can't you gain and give
Love to live and live to love
Love, to supersede hatred
Be strong to resist weaknesses
Get inspiration, to lighten inner-mind
Be in self - attain the spirit
No east or west - all are relative
West is East to East at East

Learn to win over ignorance,
Live in dignity, wisdom and bliss
Truth alone survive
Health only is wealth,
Peace and love in heart
Smile like breath, unstoppable
Create self leadership
Close to best attitude
Live to care, share, love - all

Understand the misunderstanding,
Correct and proceed in positive
Forgive and don't fight and waste time
Don't loose humanity

Stop not; till achieve
Don't ever give-up
Give hand and don't ask
When u give
They too offer
To shake hands

Fun and joy filled life is to keep
Laziness out and being spiritual

Yesterday is past and pass it not
Today is for action and make it work
Tomorrow is always indecisive
Don't worry about the future
Live for the day
as you are ready to die Any moment
not waiting for a day ahead
Life is to live, love to live





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