Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Quest in Chest -----161205----

Quest in Chest

My treasure in chest
cool in the summer
warm in the winter
Blur when near
Far it felt clear
Cheer as it is out
The quest walk

Too far I could
Go alone gaze
Ablaze peace
Quest remain
Door to knowledge
Effort alone
The skill
That gel - attitude

This opens the door
Steps to the future
Bad temper at times
Self fooled along
All around says settle
No guarantee, don't
Less is your chance
Risk not, get to job

Created job and home
Wedded and got kids
Expectation are nil
Made no learn ahead

Two embraced in love
No mistakes flashed
farewell from home
dishonour advices
Vacation and fun

legends say dream high
I loved my days created
Small dreams in many
Said love your days
Weep not your days

Broken bridges halt not;
Make you a swimmer
Horizon to sky you reach
Be on ground unhappy

Stay in father's feet
Use mother's tongue
Fill fountain of spirit
Unending passion
Crave rewarding power
Give a self promise
Learned is to use
Achieve wisdom
Experience society


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