Sunday, December 13, 2015

I am less a Metro Polit

I am less a Metro Polit
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In cities and not just in towns
I shifted long back to live bright
I had anxiety as landed, now on drive
on rail platform or air terminal

Early in village had loved people
Business chest in metro has all
Only Uniformed Polit smily face
Has no politeness not love around

Has seen my friends and students
Drive in cab, pay in card, film or eat
with no handy transaction just in e-
Meet none known or unknown too

All sir or madam by call with no feel
Against mother - brother - sister call
Cities are build of busy of business
No cool time for breathe opportunity

In metro no one asks price money
They pay as is femanded in shops
Dream of desire shifts swift in metro
Seen all that is around moves fast

I stayed in metro for half my life
But has not become metronomic
As my blood is still not polit
That is rooted in remote village
I love not town nor city but pure
Sarine village and JNAANAM in

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