Sunday, December 13, 2015

Artists Stay Young

 Artists Stay Young
------- 151209 -------

Art-work could keep one busy
Impressive Poetry of The Heart
Someone comes knowing you
To serve you and to share thoughts

When I locked my eyes on the art
I never knew it locks very look
The art affects your life and state
It makes mark in the artist's heart

Lasting painful unfair relations
Reflecting reality uncovered life
Need a strong heart of reasoning
Injured love ends in stupididity

Small and unended tests are life
No straight roads in valley woods
Wait for the flow, till it fills success
Downfalls are great, cute experience

Life is a river and flexible tree
Forgive Someone who hurts you
They taught you value of trust
Reflect only in love and not in hate

Talk only when one listen to you
Dont ever make to speak same
Reflecting on old thoughts to people That you make it as an art - silently

Fall in love with art that you enjoy
Art that makes you free, set to fly
That breaks your monotonous life
Hold your head up in dignity pride

Make your life that you wish
Create no regrets as you get gray
Your art always can stay young
Smart work keeps artist young



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