Saturday, September 17, 2016

Nature to Showpiece -------160915------

Nature to Showpiece

On the blue sky paper
From the color pallet sun
God - the great artist - drew
Rainbow in seven colors

Instantly drawing to erase
Again redrawing different
No stability nor repetition
Highly creative and smart
Not always that smooth
Chaotic and uneven
That made it beautiful
Nothing is to make sense
It is all experiments of God

Moon gave an authority stamp
On the work of love at night
The barred trees as frame
The beach of sand in front
Mountains on the far end
Beautiful girl on the shore
Evening pitch of boy walked
Along with father in brisk

All that was fetched by you
In a drawing at times
On a click caught by you
All in frame shut inside
Hanging as a showpiece !!
Resembling your closed life
Which God created bright
To be free in nature - lost !!
Tight rules and stable life
Upset on Chaos - Not cute
Instead of simple too  conscious
No experience of new path
All preset social justice !!


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