Saturday, September 24, 2016

Thoughts Haunts -----160923-----

Thoughts Haunts

I lost my thoughts
Once I thought I was ending

Every day sleeping in dark room
I never thought of next day
darkness filled the home
Pooja room lit by the oil lamp

Drizzling sounds of music rain
pushed my thoughts out and wet
my ears filled in soundless ends
eyes in tears when haunted

I am pushed harder all alone
screaming for a catch in water
October second - a day of
Silent Carmic man's memorial

I whispered myself many a times
When I lost my catch 'I am alone'
Many were around all the time
But none heard my murmur

All always got away with work
I am left alone with regrets
What I lost was my thoughts
Once I thought I was ending

I want to ask to forgive me,
Where and when I am fallen,
I want to rewind me to invent
Die over and over again

What I did and had in past
Haunts me when I think ahead
I find dark home with no bit
Of light even in pooja room

Today when the whole home
Is bright and lighted I am lost
Lost in deep dark thoughts
Haunting me in black dark

I am not worthy of a bright day
No Devine power to bless
Death is dark and deep fall
it is bright thoughts that died

I lost my thoughts in haunt
Once I thought I was ending


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