Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Nirvana is Ultimate Teaching ------- 170411-------

Good physic
Intellect and emotionally balanced
Social and spiritual too
I remained

Day to day enduring with life
In Nirvana is bliss
No worry and wait is not 
The ultimate cure - Nirvana

But being social till breath ends
Lets happiness never start
Dis-ease is part of daily deal 
Out on work faces fake and irkes 

Senseless is life when you don't have 
Money - people - fame - power
Empty mind and lifeless body
Unused brain and no one around
None can hold being spiritual
Other than being hidden in cocoon
Justify this is bliss and bloom
Bloom with God, to be spiritual

We are taught in tradition
Himalayan masters meditate
Meditation in action
Nothing in life matters
Joy and positive are not around
It is in - just receive from within
And halted life is death 

Care and warmth is feeling
Learning is realizing
Body is to take us along
Social is not helping 
It is being with them 
A smile takes millions of miles along

You live on this message - is good
You teach this message - is better
You have someone following you
Learning from seeing you in bliss
Acharya - Nirvana is your teaching





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