Monday, April 3, 2017

VIBGYOR of LIFE Live / Learn - In Full Enjoyment --- 170331 ---

Vibrant :
Every moment be in action
Don't think of failures and keep full
Each moment is a step towards creating a great LIFE ahead
Laziness is the biggest enemy that is within you - don't allow it inside

Initiative ::
The first thought of doing something
comes from within
Give birth to that thought
Don't leave it to die.
Every great success
starts with a first step in action

Bold ::
When you decided to do, go ahead
Waiting for Opportunity is like watching for luck.

Growth ::
Growth comes from attitude-opportunity and skill.
First this zeal for growth must grow in self.
Shelter not, kick start the growth inside to grow out.

Yes-ness ::
Be ready in stretching hands to do anything and everything.
Don't see the immediate self benefit
Anything you do to others is an experience and learning for you
Solve someone's problem as it is your own;
you gain multiple lives and you will be a magnet attracting many around you

Observe ::
Best learning in life is through observation.
All have equal opportunity;
but success is with one who has ability to analyze, judge, evaluate, differentiate, discriminate, etc.
These are possible only when you observe. Use these experiential observations wisely that will lead you to success.

Don't hesitate to speak to anyone and maintain decent contact and relationship.
This is the quality of human being and being social.

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